André Boulay grew up in Blandford, Massachusetts, a town in the middle of nowhere with not too much to do.

Walking into the A2Z Science and Learning Store he had no idea that what was about to happen would shape the next few years of his life. A yo-yo was placed in his hand, and he was immediately hooked.

He began teaching classes and working part-time at A2Z during his junior year of high school. Upon graduation he moved onto college and began attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

In 2003 he traveled to Chico California and placed fifth in the National Yo-Yo Contest. In 2004 he was the North East Regional Yo-Yo Champion, and went on to place 10th overall at the National Yo-Yo Contest.

In 2004 he was given the chance to design his own yo-yo by YoYoJam.
The DarkMagic was born and quickly became one of the most popular and used yo-yos in major competitions.

It has been used by such famous players as Yuuki Spencer, Paul Han, Augie Fash, Jason Lee, and others...
More Info:

André currently runs with a goal to continue spreading the joy of yo-yoing around the world.